Cruising along the backwaters of Kerala will be an unforgettable experience in your life time. Meandering streams, chirpy birds, murmuring forests, and the slender breeze of god’s own country makes you feel the heaven is here. Above all, spending a night in the lap of nature inhaling the serene environment will calm your body and soul makes your journey worthwhile.

The most exciting part of backwater cruising is the splendid journey through a fabulous houseboat (Kettuvallam).You can experience the magnificence of inland waterways of Kerala, enjoying the ‘Kuttandau’ cuisines to soothe your appetite. You can feel the rain drops drizzling over the water ways, gentle sunlight percolate through the shady vegetations at the banks, even by sitting with your sweet pals inside your house boats.

Like hotels, houseboats vary in degree of luxury and have been accordingly graded by the Department of Tourism of Kerala. A luxury houseboat, like a luxury hotel has fine furniture, good carpets and modern bathroom fittings, while the ‘D category’ (the lowest category) of houseboats, like low-budget hotels, is spartanly furnished. Like hotels too, houseboats vary widely in their locations. All houseboats, regardless of category, have highly personalized service. The cost per day of hiring a houseboat includes all meals and free rides from the houseboat to the nearest shore and back.

If you have not experienced it, here is a golden opportunity to do it at a fraction of its original cost. You could get in any houseboat of your liking, saunter down the cool placid waters of our world-famous backwaters, have a merry time and get back home after spending a night as well out floating around that too with the masters of houseboat cruise in Kerala.

Kailasam Floating Castlethe first of its kind in Kerala introduced the concept of house boats cruise in the year 2000. Later many companies launched their house boats to unveil the beauty of Kerala backwaters. How ever the master is master always. The quality of service offered keeps Kailasam always one step ahead of its competitors.

Houseboat Categories